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Lipstick 'n Boots has two extensive planners that will assist the bride and groom in creating a memorable wedding and honeymoon on a tight budget.

The Planning Phase

Before you launch out into the deep water take a few special and very important moments to float some ideas past your intended....

The Wedding Planner - Plan #1 - How to plan a simple, formal, elegant wedding and honeymoon for fifty guests for about $300.

The Wedding Planner - Plan #2- Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine's Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April.

Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent....



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Life Renewal

Have you ever wished that you could just wipe the slate clean and start all over again? If you're dieting - you can certainly do that! At this point, you've got a good idea of what works and what doesn't work for you while dieting. You know those hidden pitfalls, what triggers binge eating, what foods keep you feeling satisfied for longer and so forth...

10 Commandments of Diet Health

The Bible Belt & Weight Loss: Belt getting a little smaller these days?  Oh boy - I sure know the feeling and it can really make a body feel small (if that makes any sense!). Your solution to your Belt Delusion is as close as your Bible...

Biblical Foods: Flatbread, Locust & More

It's rather interesting that the first two major events in the Bible which served to reshape mankind were centered around food. First was the Fall in the Garden of Eden involving a 'mystery' fruit. The second dynamic event was the slaying of Abel whose meat sacrifice to God was more pleasing than Cain's...

Biblical Foods: Honey, Pulse, Pomegranages & More

There's an old Christian song that I'm very fond of entitled, 'Come and Dine'.  The words talk about Jesus having a table spread where the saints of God are fed, He invites His chosen people come and dine...."

Old Amish Diet

In the beginning of the world, fancy exercise machines, ropes, gadgets and other diet apparatus didn't exist.  There wasn't really a need for them because the first form of exercise was sweat-drenching, back-breaking, simple hard work. With that, let's take on the New World where the old-order Amish diet is still in place and receiving rave reviews from the Health Community.  Here's the scoop....

Christian Thoughts & Musings

As a minister's daughter, I've just about seen and heard it all in my lifetime. Although we, as Christians, know what lies beyond our years on earth, life can be nothing more than a game to others.  

People who want no part in God play hard, they buy the things that are most appealing to their eyes, they rise up in the world and become prominent business men and business women.  It's a game and a race against other humans and the Life Clock to see who can collect the most marbles...


Christian Weight Loss Tips, Grazing, Socials

Grazing & Weight Loss: God compares us to sheep many times throughout the Bible. Perhaps he was observing our eating habits during some of His references! Like sheep, many of us do like to graze.  Grazing isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to weight loss.  Here are the negatives and positives...

Christian Weight Loss & Dieting Advice

Need a little diet help to accelerate your weight loss plan? To market, to market!  It's a dieter's paradise these days with all the light versions of some of the most popular foods.

Though fat free items may be cutting out more taste than calories, most 'light or lite' versions are very palatable. We recommend the following based on taste...

Dieting Articles, The Soul Searcher

Have you ever had a time in your life when you and your Christian relatives or Christian friends collide?  You're doing everything that you can to get along and make peace, and you hear those 'chosen' words, "You aren't acting Christian-like!" OR "God is going to get you for that!" OR "I can't believe that you're a Christian." OR "You're certainly not as good a Christian as I am!" OR "You need to rethink your salvation." OR "You need to get saved."

Diet Recipe Box #1

One important key to Diet Success is in the recipes that you prepare at home. Although we can't control the calories, the fat grams, or the health value of foods while dining out, the hourglass is inverted when it comes to home!

Diet Recipe Box #2

Diet Hope Pudding Recipe: Many years ago, before I was able to drop my unwanted weight, I read an article that listed pudding and raw cookie dough as 'favorite foods' among overweight people....

Free 10 Day Diet Plan

Our free diet planner contains 10 days of tasty menus and is based on the official Food Pyramid. Be sure to get permission from your doctor before going on any weight loss diet. Why? Because your doctor can rule out health issues which may be causing weight gain, such as thyroid issues or diabetes. And individuals with certain health conditions or situations - such as pregnant or lactating moms, should never go on any diet or weight loss plan that isn't overseen by their personal doctor...

Weight Gain Control

When tackling weight gain issues one must identify the type of weight gain that has been experienced.

- Is the weight gain the result of a pregnancy, a miscarriage? Gaining weight after pregnancy and miscarriage is very common. It's vital to get the gain weight off as soon as the doctor grants permission....

Christian Weight Loss Motivation

Some of the prettiest structures that I have seen were crafted of pebblestones. One tiny pebblestone doesn't appear magnificent at all. It's rather common and ordinary. But when stone after stone has been set in place, whether on a trail or as a wall, a masterpiece begins to unveil. One by one, a few inches at a time and a solid, magnificent structure is in place...

Time for God

With all the modern conveniences that have been introduced into our lives over the past few years, one would think that we would all have more time rather than less time...

Samson, the Bad Haircut

Mighty Samson - talk about strong hair! I daresay that if Samson lived in Today's World, the leading hair product companies would be as intent as Delilah in getting more than just a few strands of Samson's hair for DNA testing!

Christians in the Corporate World

Some Christians that I know don't believe in drinking, don't believe in dancing, don't believe in smoking, don't believe in gambling, don't believe in cursing and don't believe in bringing the house down while partying. Many of these things go hand in hand with corporate celebrations...

Christian Stories by a Minister's Daughter

As a minister's daughter, I must admit that I have more stories to share about my experiences than a hound dog has fleas. There are funny stories, sad stories, heart warming stories, powerful stories, amazing stories and unexplainable stories. They are all true stories...

Christian Stories of Hope

When I was a very young woman, my mother made me a chest to place at the foot of my bed. She called it a Hope Chest. We would spend the next three years of our lives putting special things into the Hope Chest that I would make use of when it came time to leave home...

Church Social Recipes

Oh those Church socials and gatherings! For those who lead a busy life, standing in the kitchen cooking platters of cookies and pots of casseroles can eat into the more important things and responsibilities in our life...

Old Testament Bible Stories

Most of the stories in the Old Testament are very powerful and remain embedded after they are heard for the very first time...

New Testament Bible Stories

Many of the stories in the New Testament center around people placed in situations of testing. They offer hope through faith. These great stories provide patterns that we read and learn from, like in the story of Lazarus the Beggar....

Christian Example

Great schools are plaited throughout this world, yet for the most part, people learn through example. Kids that are raised a certain faith most always grow up rooted in that faith. Examples work to embed belief, trust, happiness and values into our lives. From political affiliations to a favorite laundry detergent, kids learn through their parent's examples...

Biblical Meanings

God's Salvation: They say that nothing is free anymore, but have we Christians got news for those folks!  Salvation is not only the best freebie in the world, it's one that lasts forever.

Salvation comes in one size that fits all hearts. Salvation comes from one source so that there is no need to run from here to there in order to find a supplier. Just look up for salvation is of God, through Jesus our Lord...

Christian Devotions

Please feel free to use our Christian Devotions for Christian related functions outside the Web. If you would like to share one of our Christian Devotions with friends and family on the Web, please provide them with the link. If you are a webmaster, a couple of sentences leading to the article is just fine.

If you wish to share one of our Christian Devotions on a blog, personal page or a business page, please provide a sentence or two of the devotion and then the link leading to the devotion. Christian Devotions | The Golden Chariot - Judgment | Forgiveness for Mistakes Along Life's Pathway | The Great Gossip Vine | Misplaced Burdens | Happy Holidays | Tempered 'Spirits' | How Could God Allow So Much Sorrow to Unfold? | The Chosen Vessel | Never Forget, for We Are Human | The Milk of Human Kindness | God in My Pocket With a Pocket Full of Money | Over Seasoning Life | Wind, Earth, Fire & Rain | What Can I Give Him, as Poor as I Am? | Be Thankful | Don't Look Back, Look Up! | A Christian Poem | Being Thankful for the Things That Didn't Happen | Nails | Inexpensive Holiday Gifts From the Heart


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