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Lipstick 'n Boots has two extensive planners that will assist the bride and groom in creating a memorable wedding and honeymoon on a tight budget.

The Planning Phase

Before you launch out into the deep water take a few special and very important moments to float some ideas past your intended....

The Wedding Planner - Plan #1 - How to plan a simple, formal, elegant wedding and honeymoon for fifty guests for about $300.

The Wedding Planner - Plan #2- Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine's Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April.

Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent....



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Jaded Moon: August’s Story - a Western Romance Story

Jaded Moon is a western romance set in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country. For almost a decade of my life I lived in the Austin area, so I’m quite familiar with the terrain of the land as well as back-road shortcuts leading from small towns into the thriving city of Austin – the capital of Texas.

This information came in handy as I was writing this story which involves two separate tales of two brothers – August and Connor. Jaded Moon: Connor's Story

Mail Order Cowboy - A 'comedy-of-errors' Christian romance set in the old west.

Butterfly & the Scorpion - Little Frankie needs a mama and is willing to go to any length to get his wish. This humorous short story romance is set in the old west....

The Switch - A humorous short story romance set in the old west....

Shadow of the Wolf - The Cherokee village has been hit hard with the fever and Snow Fairchild is Chief Siracco's only hope for survival.....

Red August Moon - Set in the old west. Marshall Rance Kincade is headed home on the stage with a beautiful woman who has captured his interest. But a couple of murdering thieves have other plans for the Marshall and his companion...

Lady & the Marshall - JR Schooner is the meanest man in Seven Hills, Texas. But after taking a nasty fall which requires the help of his long-lost niece, is there a chance for redemption? A humorous heartwarming short romance story by Willow Windsong.

The Haunted Ranch, Western Romance Story

Jane E. Cup flung back her mop of blond hair and narrowed the deep blue eyes at Rock E. Winston. 

What a total waste of male hormones. Stubborn, greedy and rude - yes, that pretty much summed-up things where this determined male was concerned she decided in silence. After all, it hadn’t done any good – talking to him, trying to make him see reason. 

He had assumed that he should have the last rental car – and how dare anyone question his authority! 

Moon Over Montana- Lena Anderson attempts to escape the ghosts of her past by taking a job in Montana. She didn't plan on getting stranded in the middle of No Man's Land. Fortunately, rancher Jack Saints rescues her - but can he rescue her broken heart?

Renegade Cowboy - A humorous western romance by American author, Willow Windsong.

The Rancher's Wife, a Western Romance Short Story

Mary turned her head to gaze out the widow of the stage, her blue eyes colliding with one of the drivers as his upside-down head appeared before her, totally blocking the view of the tumbling tumbleweeds in the distance that had been dancing in front of the boulders, slowly being driven along by the wind.

His foot-long mustache was dangling below him as his bowed-mouth addressed them.

‘Only two more miles, ladies!’ he yelled before vanishing from sight, the tumbling tumbleweeds reappearing before Mary’s eyes, her ears feeling suddenly deafened.

Western Romance Story: 3 Miles to Paradise

The woman was a spider – a wolf spider, Ty decided as he narrowed the dark eyes at the raging female. She was dangerous enough to make a man exercise a bit of caution, but not quite deadly. Then again, maybe she was as she had threatened to shoot his horses on sight if they ambled onto her property – all two-hundred and twenty-five of them....

Western Romance Story: Against the Wind - Never give up on true love.....

Love Story: The Love Bug - One bite is all it takes....

Humorous Love Story: The Wild Ride



“Lizard lips!”

“Hippo hips!”

Daffney’s head whipped backwards as if the cowboy had physically slapped her. How dare he! There was absolutely nothing hippo-ish about her hips!

Western Romance Story: Two Moons

It was nearing dusk as Colt entered the town of Three Rivers and he had a gut feeling that signaled it had been a bad move. He’d had these premonitions before and things never ended well when he experienced such.

In hindsight, he should have tumbled on over to the trail leading to Featherstone Falls, his original destination rather than opting to make a side-stop....

Romance Story: Tohelluride

“I thank the fire’s finally out,”Virgil drawled in a western twang, his beady dark eyes scoring over the charred, still-smoking field of what had been sun-ripened wheat only thirty minutes ago. 

His large gloved hands were riddled with burn holes, smoke towering from the burned areas resembling smoke floating out of a warm mouth on a cold winter’s day.....

Free Love Story: Strawberry Moon

March had come in like a lamb and went out like a lion. It was early April and with spring crops requiring his concentration, John Daniels had taken aggressive measures in securing a mother for his two small children in the form of a mail order bride.

The stage was due any minute now and John glanced once again at his grandfather’s pocket watch, his young children Bree and Jake patiently waiting on the weathered bench in front of the stagecoach portal.

Echoes of Love, an Online Romance Story

Katy tensed as she braced for the landing of the small biplane that had so smoothly transported her on the last leg of her long journey - from Dublin, Ireland to the Texas hill country.

As her feet touched American soil, a sense of apprehension surrounded her like a newly woven cocoon. She wasn’t a young woman anymore and only desperation had sent her here to begin a new life. It was the first time that she had traveled outside the rolling meadows and cool valleys of her beloved Ireland and her insecurities heightened as she was enveloped in the intense heat...

Fair Game, a Short Love Story

A Hunter's Moon lit up the October night sky as Ginger cautiously moved through the first-born leaves of autumn, the air crisp and cool as it fluttered through her long chestnut hair.

Nothing quite like a brisk hike at night, she thought to herself as she took pause in the clearing and gave her focus to the binoculars she had fished from her backpack. Quite unfortunate that it was going to have to be a short and sweet hike as a storm was predicted to move in as the evening progressed. Already she was aware that the sky wasn't as clear as it had been only moments ago, with a thick band of dark clouds moving in from the north...

Short Love Story: The Ice Princess

A Victorian cottage, a bottle of wine, a roaring fire - all the elements for romance.  Yet how could Kate feel anything but contempt for her husband after seeing him locked in a passionate embrace with a woman young enough to be his daughter?

It was a winding road that led to the tiny Victorian cottage, nooked into a hill.  Katy watched Vance with gilded eyes, scanning the handsome face, the bold 'Stewart' nose, finally resting on the inset dimple locked into his rugged right cheek...

Western Romance Story: Rich & Ugly

Clyde McCord’s six foot three frame shrunk a good three inches as he viewed the scene before him.

Mouth agape, his dark beady eyes wandered over the shrimp of a woman who he’d desperately tried to vanquish from his memory bank for eighteen long years, yet never achieving to accomplish such....

Romance Story: Medicine Woman

Cate fought the shadows of the evening as she made her way back home to a three-room structure at the end of town with the barest of necessities.

She had arrived in Stone Bluff two months ago when the town had advertised for a doctor. Perhaps her situation would have been more advantageous if she had concentrated her talents elsewhere, back in the east from where she had arrived....

Love Story: The Range Rider

He had arrived on a white stallion, riding across the hem of the horizon as the sun sank low in the western sky.   A thick, dark beard had gloved his handsome face - and he looked mysterious and mean.  

The threadbare, dusty jeans were clamped around rugged lean hips and the deep voice had held a southern drawl when he had spoken to the little old dog that had swayed behind him.   And when given commands, the dog had immediately obeyed the deep, clipped voice...

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