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A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Where in the blazes was the noon stage? The sun in the sky indicated that it was a good two hours past arrival time. And the six little devils that were roosted behind him hadn’t made the wait pleasant.

Jude’s dark eyes knitted over them, then instantly mellowed as the smallest of the bunch sent him a toothless smile.

Lord help him, but it was impossible to remain upset with them.

They had entered his life a short two months ago when Elmer, his third cousin removed, had barged in for an impromptu visit in a weather-beaten wagon.

His wife Jezebel had been with him, the six kids loaded in the back. At least they’d been until the instant the wagon had stopped. At that point, they were screaming and running in all four directions of the wind.

Elmer had to be in his late seventies. He’d bragged that Jezebel was twenty years his junior and she had looked every day of fifty-plus.  

Jude thought back to the conversation, closing his mind to the boisterous kids surrounding him, blocking out both sight and sound….

“Well, howdy there, old cuz,” Elmer had greeted, grabbing Jude’s gloved hand and almost wringing it free of his wrist. “Long time, no see.”

“How long’s it been, Elmer? Twenty years, at least,” Jude had managed, trying to detach his eyes from a winking Jezebel. Brazen.

“That’s bout right, I’d say. You sure look a lot different than you did twenty years ago. What were you, bout seventeen?”

Jude nodded while Jezebel tossed him another wicked wink.

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