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Easy Photography Tips for Your Darling Camera & Blossoming Photographers

Written by Lipstick 'n Boots


Aperture, metering, F-stops, ISO, noise, bokeh, EXIF, EV, DOF - these are familiar terms in the World of Photography and for the blooming as well as the seasoned photographer, all of these terms can be quite confusing.

Yes - even advanced photographers get a shaky trigger finger at times, trying to piece the technical puzzle together to produce a picture that will leave its viewers gasping with delight and craving for more.

A gasping picture is 'Photo Bling' at its best.

So what's a passionate photographer to do?

They have the perfect subject in front of their eyes - just waiting to be captured through the lens.

So what settings would be best? What about distance? What about brokeh? What about depth of field? Will high ISO make my picture reek with noise? How can they conceal that unsightly mole on their mother-in-law's big upper lip? Mommy help!

The answer to almost-all photography roadblocks rests along the lines of the old country song, 'it's time to get back, to the basics of 'light'. Well, the right word was 'life' but without light your photos will have no life.

Lassoing the light. This is what all great photos are about. The amount of light fed into the camera determines all sorts of things - like calculating the rate of shutter speed.

With this said, the best way that you can milk the most out of your camera is to shoot, shoot and shoot some more. Practice makes perfect; only you know the limitations of your camera and what can be achieved when you press the shutter.

On that note, if you're searching for photography tips that are easy,  that render fantastic results - and that can assist you in getting that gloriously gasping shot, then you're likely to enjoy my totally awesome top photography tips. We hope that you'll check back often as tips are added frequently. And thanks for looking in! ~Photography by Sharen

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