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Thunderhead, a Free Online Love Story by Sharen Taylor Griffin - Page 1

Chapter 1

It was the dead of winter, the naked breasts of the mountains in the distance iced in thick layers of white, crisp snow.

Eden absorbed the beautiful canvas which had been drawn by Mother Nature herself, her heart swelling with pride as she felt an enthusiasm that she had not felt in years.

Had it actually been a decade since her departure from Thorn Hollow?

Thoughts of that time suddenly put a dent in her newfound happiness, for that had been when her Aunt Fran had transported her from paradise to the Alaskan dead zone - a place where even a seasoned yeti could perish from the bitter cold. Even so, after the untimely death of her parents, Eden had held no power over the matter.

Fifteen…..she had only been fifteen years old when Aunt Fran had become her sole guardian.

Betrayed by a man in her youth, Aunty had looked upon the institution of marriage as one’s duty to replenish the earth rather than a union of everlasting love. There hadn’t been one romantic bone in old Aunty’s body, Eden decided amid her tumbling thoughts as she pondered where she had been, and where she was now.

Aunty’s cold heart was a climatic parallel to the icy regions of Alaska.

Even so, Eden had reserved a small vase of inner pity for her aunt as she was aware that she had only loved one person in her lifetime - the man who had robbed both her riches and her heart - vanishing into space with her own sister, Beth.

To compound troubles, it was her own dear Aunt Beth whom Eden favored - the very woman whom Aunt Fran despised.

Eden had inherited the Thurston mannerisms and features - Beth’s honey blond hair, the copper-toned skin, the full pink mouth, the small tilted nose and the heart-shaped face with the mysterious dark eyes.

She had looked more like her Aunt Beth than she had her own dearly departed mother, the fact creating a well of misguided emotions in Aunt Fran.

She had conjectured a strict set of rules and without question, Eden had followed them - knowing that if she had disputed such, she would have been forced by Aunty to reside in the nearby orphanage. And she had heard terrorizing rumors from her classmates in Jeno concerning the orphanage, rumors that had made her very sympathetic for the   castaways who resided therein.


Eden hugged deeper inside the walrus-skinned coat, a link to what she had left behind in Alaska.

It had only been luck who had omitted her from the tragedy involving her parents who had died in the plane crash. At that time, Eden had been visiting with the Parker family, most of her time absorbed with their son, Ramsey.

Ramsey Parker….

The thought of the too thin, willowy frame of the fifteen year old lad caused a smile to glide across her lips. He had been closer to her than anyone she had ever known - before or since that time. It was with Ramsey who she had shared her first kiss.

And the cruel day that Aunt Fran had pried Eden away from him and all that she loved had filled her life with scars that she was certain would never go away.

At least she had savored the satisfaction of writing secretly to Ramsey - Aunt Fran’s all-seeing eyes unaware for once. And it was the only innocent trick that Eden had dared to manage, one of her classmates being sympathetic enough to act as a mediator.

And as time had slipped from months into years, she had slowly accepted the fact that Ramsey was drifting away from their perfect romance. Her suspicions were confirmed on the day that he wrote to her, seeking her approval of marriage to Joy.

Eden had succumbed to fate, wishing to escape Aunty’s trap - but with Aunty falling ill, she had been able to walk away.

Penning her letter of false salutations to Ramsey had been difficult, and a dying rhapsody had rung deep within her very soul. How she had hoped that he would have waited for her return. To think at one point, she had come so close to returning home.

Aunt Fran eventually passed on, ironically leaving her worldly possessions to the orphanage, and Eden had returned home - finally!

The old homestead had withstood the Hands of Time, and there had been sufficient funds for the taxes and other necessities over the years, the trust handled by one of her father’s dearest friends.

Eden suddenly shivered as the north wind gusted, and she made her way across the inset brick terrace into the den where a hot fire sizzled inside the rock hearth. She had always loved the hearth, the stones intricately entwined with the essence of nature.


Mystery, Love Story: Murder at Moonwolf Ranch


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