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Written by Lipstick 'n Boots Sky Taylor

2 Free Wedding Planners for an Elegant, Inexpensive Wedding

Free Wedding Planner #1

Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine’s Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April. Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent.

Debra and Kevin have a friend that owns a computer who suggested they visit a local office supply store and select some specialty paper and envelopes to use as invitations. The friend offered to create the invitations and print them out. Debra and Kevin located some white stationary accented with silver wedding bells and chose white envelopes to mail them in they also found some silver seals that gave the envelope a professional presence.

Debra’s parents are older and unable to contribute to the wedding. Kevin is from a divorced household and lives with his mom and three siblings his mom is also unable to contribute to the wedding expenses. However, she did offer Kevin’s grandparent's rings to the couple, which they gladly accepted.

There is a quaint city park with a gazebo and also a huge covered area inset with grills, concrete tables and benches. The couple has decided to have the wedding ceremony preformed in the gazebo, and the reception in the covered area. Since the wedding will be on a Thursday the area shouldn’t be a problem securing. Kevin’s younger brother has offered to ‘stake out’ the reception area the afternoon of the wedding. Their minister has agreed to perform the ceremony for $25 and a piece of wedding cake.

Debra’s brother has volunteered to take the photos of the wedding.

Debra found a wedding gown with a veil in a local thrift store for $15. There was a small tear in the bottom of the gown, which she ingeniously concealed with some matching lace and pearls.

The couple will honeymoon at the beach but they have opted to camp out two of the three nights. They will spend their first night together in the honeymoon suite of a hotel juxtapose to the beach. 

Kevin’s younger siblings will round out the wedding party and will wear accompanying colors. Since the couple isn't concerned about everything explicitly matching, all members of the wedding party will be wearing apparel that they already own. The couple has chosen emerald green and lemon yellow as their colors.

Since they are having the wedding outdoors they are serving assorted grilled meat, potato salad, beans, bread, wedding punch and a wedding cake. Everything has been made the day before the wedding, which added a flair of convenience to the occasion. The table is simple, yet elegant, lined with a white cloth, a country basket filled with plastic ware, plates, cups, the food, the wedding cake and the wedding punch.

Although this wedding had the added expense of the grill, there were so many things that this couple opted to exclude. Also, camping out will not only save them money, they will have an adventure to remember!

This wedding can be done for about $250 depending on the bargains scooped.

Wedding Piñata’ - Mexican restaurants sell piñatas for a steal! Or, you can make one by using a paper meche' recipe. For a very inexpensive mix, try using flour and water. Use newspaper, the sticky solution and attach to a shaped frame made out of chicken wire. Allow one layer to thoroughly dry before applying the next.

Wedding Ice Sculptor - At least a week before your wedding, collect some greenery, colorful berries, small pine cones and other back-to-nature objects. Locate a large freezable container. Line it with a plastic bag then a few of your collected items. Slowly add a couple of inches of water. Freeze, then add more decorations and two more inches of water freeze. About three inches before you reach the top of your container, place a candle in the center. romance, love

Arrange your objects and continue the filling/freezing cycle until you reach the top of your container. Simply remove from the mold and light the candle just before your wedding Reception. Your guests will be dazzled!

Wedding Punch Ideas - For added punch to your wedding punch, freeze some of the punch in shaped cubes by use of specialty ice trays. Your punch won’t lose its bite as the ice melts. Sherbet and soda combinations create lovely frothy punches. All of the following punches will accommodate fifty or more guests. You can also freeze....let's say, orange juice, in a heart-shaped container. Just before the reception begins, remove from the mold and place in punchbowl.

Sugar Glitter: One note about sugar glitter. This is not the same product found in your local supermarket. Sugar glitter is fine and resembles a sparkly dust that adds magic to your wedding desserts. Sugar Glitter adds an attractive  gleam to the surface of your Wedding cake or cakes, and of course, anywhere you want to dust the sugar. Take care with your Wedding Gown, however, because the sugar glitter may stain, and your Wedding Gown is something that you'll want to preserve for a lifetime - just like your love!


If you own a small table fountain it will emphasize the beauty of your Reception table. The sound of the running water adds to the romance!

Pine branches, cedar and holly boughs make great fillers for your Reception table and also add beauty.

Other ideas include wildflowers in vases that have been purchased at garage sales or thrift stores. You can make all the vases look alike by covering them with identical netting or fabric, then attaching ribbons that match your wedding colors.

Bowls of floating candles in your wedding colors add a vapor of romance to any wedding! You can also float real or silk flowers try coloring the water for a unique display.


Keep in mind that some of your guests may be on a diet low in fat, sugar or sodium some may have health issues such as diabetes or heart concerns. Try to prepare a few health-wise choices that will accommodate the needs of these special guests.

Also keep in mind that you don't need to prepare a spread that will feed an army! Your guests are there to see you get married and to share in your happy, special moment. A slice of cake and a cup of punch is something that can always be elegant.

And there is just something extremely elegant about cake and a woman in a fancy wedding gown.


Make a fabulous balloon arch for about $12!  You will need:

- 6 to 8 packs of large balloons

- 2 sections, 8 feet long of PVC pipe – ¼ “ around

- connectors to join pipe

- anything to anchor your arch

A small air apparatus for blowing up the balloons helps tremendously but isn’t necessary. They can help you have your arch erected in less than one hour. In this example we are using two balloon colors, blue and white. To anchor our arch we are going to use tampers, which are garden tools that a gardener uses to pound down the soil with.

Take the connected PVC and attach it to one tamper at a time using duct tape. Secure the pipe well; you don’t want your arch popping loose during your ceremony! Next, blow up the balloons and begin by tying two differently colored balloons together. Tie two more balloons together, then twist your bunches together. You should now have four balloons that are twisted together.

Twist these around your arch. Expect a few to pop, but don’t be shy. The balloons are usually very cooperative. What a gorgeous accent to your wedding! Your guests are guaranteed to be impressed!


- Map out directions. This will ensure a smooth, short trip into your realm of romance for the first time as husband and wife.

- Spray or dust the sheets with your perfume.

- Carry along a bottle of champagne for celebrating.

- If the wedding didn't go off well, leave it in the past and focus on your honeymoon.

- If the wedding went well, share. Pillow talk is good for the heart and soul.


We hope that this special Wedding Planner is of help to you in planning one of the most special days of your life. Try to keep in mind that romance doesn't have to be expensive. Love is something given freely, and is something that poor men and rich men enjoy alike. Hearts don't generally have a price-tag attached. Enjoy your day and make the magic last a lifetime!

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