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About the Authors of Lipstick 'n Boots

The stories and novels housed at Lipstick 'n Boots are written by the American Author Sharen Taylor-Griffin. Sharen has written under several pen names including Sky Taylor, Willow Windsong and Sharen Griffin.


Other information on this website which involves nature, science and biology has been provided by her husband and co-writer, Thomas A. Griffin who has a degree in science.

Both Sharen and Tom enjoy the Great Outdoors, particularly hiking and camping, and simply seeing wonders of nature. They have been active in rescuing abandoned or orphaned animals.

They also are two passionate photographers; Tom has been involved in photography workshops as well as being a guide for nature tours at local wildlife areas.

Sharen's father was a minister and many of her writings are based on her experiences as a kid growing up in a spiritual environment. She has also played the piano and organ professionally, once a member of a Christian singing group when she was only 16 years of age which traveled to various Texas locations to perform.

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