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Poems About Vampires

by Willow Windsong


Town cloaked in darkness, way past midnight

Hidden by the shadows, the vampire took flight

Thru the misted fog, the barren streets of town

Searching for prey so his great thirst he could drown

In a river of warm red, the only form of life he could feel

For he was but a hull, something dead - not real

He spied a woman in black, her neck adorned with a cross

Shielding hollow eyes with his cape, he flew from this albatross


An old peddler was busy putting away his wares

The vampire flew on after spying stakes -  He did not dare

Satisfy his needs for the risks were too great

So onward he searched, the night growing late

As Time revolved from dark to first light

The vampire unsated, not one lousy bite

The night had been fruitless, greatly lacking in red

But so oft is the case for the undead.

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