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Poems About Death by Sky Taylor


Where Did You Go When You Closed Your Eyes?

Where did you go when you closed your eyes, Sweet little baby, rock-a-bye;

Drifting off to dreamland, chasing the stars, Riding on a horse galloping afar,

Playing guitar and singin' a song, Mama & Daddy won't you come along, tonight.

Where did you go when you closed your eyes, when you softly delivered a contended sigh;

Did you go to dreamland past the Milky Way, Bathing in the sunlight of a summer day;

Did you pause to think of what you left behind, Were there visions of memories in your mind,

Where did you go when you closed your eyes, tonight.

Twenty years later he was drivin' a truck, Heavy on the medal & pressing his luck,

The girl of his dreams came driftin' along, Leaving Mama & Daddy lost in his song,

A beautiful wedding & a flower girl, Then off with his love on a fairytale, tonight.

Some say Time is a healer & dealer of age, Turning through life page by page;

Filled with memories,a precious goldmine, A few regrets as well as good times;


A hard day's work & calloused hands, Ends with a visit from the Sandman, tonight.

Mama & Daddy been gone a long time, he sure hopes that they're doing fine;

He's encroached with visions of a better place, A big step up from this old rat race;

But until that time he'll sit right here, His woman in his arms - please hold me dear, tonight.

One last storm by Life's old gristmill, As he slowly conquers that final hill;

As he lays there drawing in his last breath, His love beside him - love stood the test;

A smile on his lips as he closes his eyes, His sweet love asking why oh why, tonight.

Poem by Sharen Taylor Griffin in memory of my sweet father, Carroll Taylor

The Journey, a poem by Sharen Taylor Griffin

He was on a journey that entailed great strength, As he wandered, searching o'er the length
Of the Great Divide - so vast, so wide.

Envisioning clouds hovering over the dust - Of the earth from which he'd been thrust.

One last breath, a look sublime,For the Angel of Death had announced his time....
The Great Divide - so vast, so wide.

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