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Picture of Rat Snake

by Lipstick 'n Boots


Rat Snake Picture

We see these from time to time on the property where we live - but there are far more copperheads.

The following photo was taken by Tom using a zoom camera at a distance.

At the time, the Sony H2 was popular - and one of the inexpensive cameras on the market. I have just about worn this camera out - and while it was $350 at its debut, they can be obtained for as little as $25 these days in used condition.

I would encourage anyone to purchase one; they are fantastic as an on-the-go camera and because they are so cheap now, they can be left in the car without worry.

They take fabulous macros and the results are even more fabulous when a close-up lens is used.

I've shot many a bird photo using this camera with a Teleconverter (TC) adapter but these days I prefer the Panasonic FZ150, which I would also highly recommend.

On that note, this is the image of the rat snake. At this time, he lived in our pasture and we'd see him frequently - so much so that we named him Ralph.  Picture of Copperhead

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