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Snake Bite

by Lipstick 'n Boots


The American Copperhead

Although the bite of the copperhead isn't as serious as the water moccasin or many species of rattlesnakes, it tends to bite first and ask questions later.

Keep in mind that venom is a very precious resource. Without such, they have no way to eat - as they slay their prey by using their poison.

So when a snake attacks, it feels very threatened - or frightened. Many of the bites that occur in the United States occur because the reptile was frightened - whether it was done intentionally or accidentally.

We may stick our hand in a place where one is resting - and the rest is history. Or, an individual may feel like they are an expert handler only to end up in the emergency room after trying to impress his girlfriend. Fact is, males are more drawn to snakes than females - perhaps this being due to woman's encounter in that rather famous biblical garden.

We have extensive information on snakes in America - as well as first aid tips and images located here at Lipstick 'n Boots.

As to the copperhead, they are prolific on the property where we live. There is a lot of brush in the area situated in piles - as well as a deep ravine which stretches for miles on end through our county. They like to den-up inside the walls of the sandy banks of the ravine.

And when fall arrives, we have to be very careful as their coloring matches the fallen oak leaves. It's really easy to have a mis-step and end up in the ER and end up with a bill exceeding $100,000 for treatment.

Although the bite of this particular species isn't generally life-threatening, the victim must be observed because it's not unusual for them to quite breathing - so they have to be revived.


When we first moved here, we weren't able to walk the property. The house is nothing more than a cracker-box and it was filthy. I like things super clean - so a bunch of elbow grease and hard work got things clean.

Some of the things that I discovered when cleaning up the place would make you sick - so we'll skip those. In fact, I really don't even like to think about them.

Anyways - there was an ice storm that hit and it was a miracle that we even got to the house. It was very cheap so we decided to purchase it because of that.

Then after we moved in, we understood why it was so cheap.

The air-conditioning went out shortly after we moved as did the hot water heater. All of the flooring had to be replaced as well as floor vents. It was a mess. There was over $4000 worth of garbage that the former owners had been throwing in the portion of the ravine that wound through this property. Too much for we-two oldsters to clean up. It required 10 dump-truck loads to remove - and the area was a perfect habitat for copperheads.

Picture of Copperhead Snake

Picture of Copperhead

This picture was taken on our property by my husband Tom using a zoom lens. It appears that he was right next to the snake - while he was actually quite a distance away - too far for the snake to present any danger whatsoever. Picture of Rat Snake

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